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Burning Tasks

Lists of electronic components in the SENSORICA Montreal lab

Lists of designs and prototypes

An electronic design is represented by a SPICE file, for example. Designs are used in prototypes and end up in products. The contribution accounting system treats designs as resources. Designs are either produced by SENSORICA members or imported from outside of the network.  
A prototype is a physical object, something that was already built and is somewhat functional. Prototypes are based on designs and can evolve into products. They can also be used as equipment for R&D and fabrication. The contribution accounting system treats designs as resourcesPrototypes are usually created by active SENSORICA members, or can also be imported from outside of the network as a contribution. 


This is a persistent synchronous text editor (you can use it simultaneously with other online collaborators). You don't need to save the text, it will save automatically. Once in a while we do backup this pad on this Google Doc (need to be a member to open). Go to old Pad and save it!

Going on

Sensor Network - industrial IoT applications


Active members in this area: Jim, Tibi, Yanick, Ahmed, Abran... 
Soon this info will be automatically fed from our project/task management system.  

Tools, Instruments, Equipment

List of equipment we have and can share with other SENSORICA members (please maintain it!). 

Go to the Labonline Network page. 

Electronics design and simulation

Learning Material

If you are not familiar with electronics you can learn a few easy tricks with us. 




Open Hardware (See their wiki)

Trello Task Management

Open Trello board - this resource has not been used in a long while... 

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