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Mechanics and 3D modeling

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1. high Daniel model the force sensitive scalpel done!  July 1, 2012  see picture 
2. medium  Daniel and Ivan Bath for scientific instrument add some modifications to the bath August 31, 2012   
1. high Daniel propose a design for a touch-sensitive robot for micromanipulations, applications in biomedical already discussed...  July 31, 2012   
1. high Daniel Model and 3D print parts for the xy Piezo (cylinder) and z (stack) positionner Designing separate modules, 1-axis + 2-axis, easy to mount in different ways, with a few different output attachment parts. September 20, 2013  http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=247b48f94964c770ead5604ea0ec0346 
3. low Daniel model the educational system wait for the scientific instrument system installation  October 31, 2012   
3. low Daniel model the field system wait for the scientific instrument system to be installed May 31, 2012   
3. low Daniel model the hand held Mosquito not started yet. talk with tibi and Ivan August 31, 2012   
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