3D design and prototyping projects

Modeling of the Scientific Instrument System 
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3D model
Mosquito Scientific InstrumentPrototype
The entire system mounted on the microscope. The force transducer on the right arm. The electrical stimulation is connected and a mouse heart is now sitting in the middle of the bath, ready to start beating. The electrical stimulation worked well, the heart came to live!

The Mosquito 
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The Joint-type force transducer 
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Joint-type transducer
finished transducers
 new model
old model

Joint-type transducer fabrication device prototype
old deviceusing a thermocouple (the black wire going into the white oven) to measure temperature while testing the mini oven
new device
glass cover to maintain heat and reduce violent convection inside the coil.

 old device model

The bath with electrical stimulation
 3D modelPhisiological bath
actual bath
The experimental bath, designed by Ivan and Daniel

The bath with chemical stimulation

3D model
bath for chemical activation with force transducer and needle in it
xyz micromanipulator: open modelopen project

 3D model
XYZ Piezo

Scalpel: open model