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Open Science

SENSORICA's position on Open Science

SENSORIC's footprint in Open Science

Open document


The Verdun project

Build an open science and innovation ecosystem in Verdun/Montreal. See more on the project page

MNI project

NOTE: We have made efforts to transfer SENSORICA's knowledge and know how on Open Science to MNI (McGill Neurological Institute) and to build a relation of collaboration, MNI has manifested interest but hasn't reciprocated. At this moment this initiative of collaboration is in standby. Since our meeting with them, MNI got $20M in funding for its Open Science program. [Tibi, April 7th, 2017]

Events and presentations

September 2017 - Canadian Science Policy Center conference 

March 2017 - Participation at GOSH

January 2017 - Presentation at Open Design Conference, Hon Kong

April 2016 - Presentation of SENSORICA's Open Science vision at MNI (McGill Neurological Institute)

August 2014 - Presentation at RQEMP



Reducing physical barriers - sharing experiences in real time throughteleproximity

SENSORICA's hardware projects related to open science


How can I join this, or contribute to this? 

You can either join SENSORICA by filling the form here, or simply sign up to the Forum.  

Written work by SENSORICA

Production participative de matériel de recherche (by Tibi et all) - from Open science, how this new paradigm affects the design of scientific tools  
On Open Science (by Tibi) - work in progress 
Democratising Design in Scientific Innovation: Application of an Open Value Network to Open Source Hardware Design (By Maria Frangos, Joshua Pearce, Tiberius Brastaviceanu, Ahmed Akl Mahmoud, Abran Khalid)
Interfaces between open networks and classical institutions the SENSORICA experience (by Tibi, Jim, Scott)