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Burning Tasks

PriorityOwnerDescriptionCommentsDeadline CompleteLink
1.Very high Tibi and Ivan build joint-type transducer fabrication device under way, tibi and ivan are working on it July 14, 2012   
1.Very high Tibi and Ivan build the construction transducer fabrication device Jonathan has made the power supply, need to test it.  July 31, 2012   
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About optics projects

To find designs of optical assemblies used in our prototypes and products search "design optics" in our Google Drive database and design_optical tag in Diigo. You can also find optical designs in the Contribution Accounting system Inventory, by applying the filter Design

Going on

Optical fiber coatingwet silver coating of glass and PMMA
Fiber tip shaping: creating micro lenses on the pit of glass optical  fibers. See album.    
Coupler/splitter: Y coupler/splitter for 1mm PMMA fiber, made with PCL. See album.


Active members involved: Tibi, Francois, Frederic. 
Soon the field of participants will be filled automatically from the project management tools.

Open communities

This is a list of open communities where you can ask technical questions and interact with individuals specialized in optics/photonics. 

Tools and Materials

Go to the Labonline Network page. 
Tools, Instruments, Equipment : List of equipment we have and can share with other SENSORICA members.

Learning Material

See Education/Technical know how 

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