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SENSORICA Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure


Important tasks for OVNi

Go to github/issues for NRO-VAS

See Infrastructure tasks page for more general infrastructure tasks.


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About IT infrastructure projects

Main coordination and collaboration space

SENSORICA's main tool for collaboration and coordination is this website. We are working on SENSORICA 2.0 website. See on GithubContact us if you want to participate.  

Latest demo of VAS - March 2014

OVNi - NRP and VAS

  • OVNi - open value network infrastructure
  • NRP - network resource planning
  • CAS - contribution accounting system

See development on GitHub, see it in action here.
Give feedback on VAS development - github issue. (open the old doc) See also 
concepts and names

Blockchain-based management of physical assets - see Blockchain Access project

The Freedom Coop fork of NRP includes a blockchain currency (FairCoin): https://github.com/FreedomCoop/valuenetwork  It's also a better version of the software going forward. They upgraded to Django 1.8, while the version Sensorica is using is still 1.4. And includes a Spanish translation and lots of other new features.
Django 1.10 includes some potentially awesome realtime interaction features, if somebody can get the code base there.
This group has forked the Freedom Coop fork, and is just getting started with another new programming team: https://github.com/gopacifia/DEEP
They plan to include a mutual credit currency and some internetwork intertrading.


Rethinking OVNi - initiative by Bob and Lynn. 

OVN model

Visit the Open Value Network wiki on Referata, using semantic MediaWiki

Social media integration

We are looking for individuals with know how in social media and social media integration with our platform. In order to scale up our network, to establish a high influx of resources, we need to broadcast our achievements, needs and problems. Moreover, we need a comprehensive system and methods to incorporate the feedback we get from social media into our processes and practices. Contact us if you want to participate.  


We also collaborate with PieTrust on contribution accounting and reputation systems. 

Going on

Contribution accounting and exchange system

  • Follow the progress of our second prototype on Github, see it at work  here.

Active Collaborations
Mikorizal (NRP development), Valueflows, Eris (blockchain), Colony (blockchain collaborative infrastructure)
Collaboration on Value Systems (members only).

Past Collaborations
Working with Greener Acres Value Network (Steve Bosserman), and JAM (Hugo) for applying OVN model in the context of local food systems. 
We are working with Metamaps.cc for applying the OVN model in the context of software applications development. 
We are working with This will also be an example of network-to-network interface, see more on the Open Alliance

Integrating other modules with the Contribution Accounting System

Reputation System

In the past we have worked with PieTrust on reputation systems. See more on the wiki and on our Reputation System doc. 
We are trying to increase collaboration with Backfeed.

Role System

Graphs are not extracted directly from the NRP-VAS for every project. See more on the wiki and on our Role System doc.
The first NRP-VAS prototype used a script for the role system (written by Tibi).

Resource management system based on QR code

Network-to-network interfaces

Previous work done with the Open Alliance, New developments with Verdun Project.  



Others contribute to ONVi as well, see G+ OVNi community and Github, OVN.space
See more on Collaboration on value systems (members only)

Resources for IT infrastructure development


Meetings about the Infrastructure are saved in the Infrastructure meetings doc. Some meetings are recorded and published on SENSORICA's Youtube channel.

Open Value Network (OVN) model

Help from Google: Google App Script Help

See our templates - generic modules that can be used in building scripts
Greener Acres Experimental (restricted permission)
Our Diigo knowledge base, tags: google tool 
Using Scripts (our own document)
Gadgets used in the site - open doc

Legal infrastructure

From SENSORICA database
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Governance and decision making


Presentation to David on licensing - March 2014




Normative system

Governance and decision making

See Yasir's document

Funding the Infrastructure

Open the Funding OVNi page


This forum is mainly used to discuss technical issues. It was created on August 08, 2011 to provide a space for discussions about our infrastructure, in support for our campaign for accelerating development, which also includes a crowdfunding campaign.  This forum is public, open to everyone!
For issues on the contribution accounting software go on Github. For more general discussions go to this forum.