Better definition of a SENSORICA affiliate

This is a space for process of creating a better definition of an active affiliate. This space is transparent to everyone. All SENSORICA affiliates should have access ti edit this page. 


Definition: An active affiliate is an individual or an organization that has access to the list of benefits by fulfilling actions that are deemed important by the network, contained in the list of responsibilities. See Organizational structure doc for the actual definition. 

A new definition will be decided on Loomio and it will go into Organizational structure doc

Issue: increase the level of engagement and participation in SENSORICA

SENSORICA, like most open organizations, suffers from insufficient engagement and participation. The goal here is to improve the situation. In open organizations affiliates have total freedomon the level of involvement. The contribution statistic is a long tail (also known as the 20/80 curve), meaning that a few core affiliates are very active and most of affiliates contribute sporadically, 80% of the work for maintaining and developing the open organization is done by 20% of affiliates. The long tail is an essential element of the organizational structure. Those affiliates who contribute sporadically bring a lot of value to the organization and act as an interface with the environment. The focus here is NOT to denigrate the type of contributions in the long tail or to tell anyone to do more, but to surface a list of benefits that core affiliates would have access to, to delineate a core zone from the long tail zone. Everyone should be thankful for any positive contribution to the organization. But not all contributions or manners of contributing will lead to any type of benefits. Everyone is free to contribute as he/she wishes. Some affiliates can decide to contribute more and in a certain way that grants them access to more benefits.  

  1. Create a list of Important Roles for sustaining an open community
  2. Create a list of benefits for active SENSORICA affiliates - the ''core affiliates''
  3. Create a list of criteria of access to benefits
  4. Create a list of responsibilities
  5. Synthesize all the data in these lists
  6. Create a new definition of a SENSORICA affiliate.

Important roles for sustaining the SENSORICA network and community

After 6 years of existence, we have identified the following list of roles to sustain the SENSORICA community / network. 

 Role type Role name Description Minimum hours per week NRP name -
type of work
 Physical infrastructure Lab maintenanceMaintain a clean and safe lab. Be present in the lab and make sure that everyone respects the lab rules, when it comes to cleanliness, order and safety. Propose, organize and contribute to activities for repairs and cleaning.   
  Lab responsibleBe present in the lab and provide help, safety and technical support to lab users (affiliates, fab lab members and incubator members)  
  Lab guideBe present in the lab and provide guidance to those who are new to the lab, and for those who visit the lab. Take part in events and other public activities. This is a people's person role. Propose, organize and contribute to improve the lab experience of new comers.  
 Virtual infrastructureWebsite contributorMake sure that the SENSORICA website is up to date, by inciting everyone else to contributes to it or by contributing to it yourself. Propose, organize and contribute to activities to maintain and improve the SENSORICA website, and to improve the participatory culture so that everyone else maintains this very important resource.   
 ITBe present in the lab and provide assistance to everyone for computer related or networking problems. Work closely with the lab responsible. Be responsible for other IT related activities, servers, online services, etc. Propose, organize and contribute to activities that improve SENSORICA's virtual infrastructure.  
 SENSORICA community AnimatorStimulate the network by proposing and organizing activities and events.   
 Ecosystem OutreachMake sure that SENSORICA's important activity gets to social media. Post social media updates, write blogs, drive discussions, build engagement. Propose, organize and contribute to activities that increase SENSORICA's visibility.  
  SecretaryRespond to all incoming communication to the network through the Contact Us page.    
Accounting and finance Oversee the Custodian operations for handling funds for the network, make cash intake and make payments and payouts, etc.    
 ResourcesInformation management and archiving  Make sure that the information sensoricans produce is well-structured, easily navigable, adapted for the target audience, ...   

Todos: make sure that these roles are reflected in SENSORICA's NRP

List of benefits

List of SENSORICA benefits

List of criteria to access to the list of benefits

List of criteria already proposed

List of Responsibilities

Build a list of responsibilities, get inspired form the Role list above. 

Tibi's ToDo list

  1. A better definition of a SENSORICA active affiliate, which formally includes Benefits and Responsibilities (work from THIS doc). 
  2. A list of important tasks for maintaining and developing the network: administration, accounting, answer to Contact Us, website update and maintenance, lab maintenance, outreach, paying bills, developing new revenue generating leads, orientation and facilitation for new affiliates, ... [note that all these things are now done by one or two individuals]
  3. A rearrangement of the Working Space page, to better surface important tasks for maintaining and developing the network.
  4. An update of the Lab Rules doc
  5. A process that reminds network affiliates what's important, where to find it, perhaps attached to the regular scum sessions that Pov is proposing, and tied to the new tools. Mechanisms to follow up on people's promises to deliver important tasks and measures to deal with possible outcomes. 
  6. A tool for public recognition based on participation, similar to badges (I don't have the technical skills to do it, but I will try to find people who can work on it). This can become keys to levels of benefits. 
  7. A proposition for rules that will govern inclusion in well-paid and very visible activities that will come as a result of the Verdun project, the DEC funding, the IT infrastructure funding, which I consider as part of Benefits, but since they are close to us and almost material, we need to make all that more clear.