Define what is a SENSORICA commercial activity

What makes a commercial activity, a SENSORICA activity?

The SENSORICA OVN has a rule, which states that 5% of all the network's commercial activity goes to the network's Custodian, to be used for infrastructure maintenance (paying the bills) and development (work on a better IT infrastructure, for example), and the rest goes to pay those who have contributed in the past to the development of the network.
The problem is that we have never defined properly a ''SENSORICA commercial activity''. The goal of this process is to identify the most important criteria of a commercial activity that makes it a SENSORICA activity, from which sensoricans can legitimately ask for a 5% cut for the Custodian.

STEP 1: Help build a list of criteria
We are at the stage of gathering an exhaustive list of criteria that will later be weighted by all the network affiliates, and even by people that are not active within SENSORICA. Below, you'll find criteria that have been already proposed. Go below this list to propose more criteria that you think are important to evaluate if a commercial activity is a SENSORICA activity. If you want to add more than one criterion, after your submission click on the ''Submit another response'' link to submit more. Reload this page to see your contributions to the list. 

STEP 2: We will submit the final list of criteria to an evaluation process, by which all the participants will add a weight from 1 to 10 to every criteria. The most important ones will be chosen to evaluate if a commercial activity is a SENSORICA activity. 
STEP 3: We combine all these criteria with logical connectors into a comprehensive rule that will becomes part of the Governance of the network
STEP 4: We will discuss, define and vote on possible actions for non compliance with the rule.  

Add your criteria

What problems are we trying to solve?

To name a few...
  1. In many occasions network affiliates have conducted commercial activities without using the NRP to record their cash flows (see Jonathan's case)
  2. In many occasions those who are involved in infrastructure maintenance (paying the bills) have had to run after people to pay the 5% to the Custodian from commercial activities (ask Tibi for details)
  3. In one occasion, one SENSORICA paid project had the potential to lead to a much larger paid project, and some affiliates have considered the possibility of taking the possible following paid project outside of the SENSORICA OVN (see discussions and meeting notes related to Blocksense and the Blockchain Access project)
  4. In more than one occasion some people have come to SENSORICA, learned new skills, got inspired from the network's accumulated knowledge and know how, and have used other affiliates time to get consulting contracts on their own, that have not been reported within the network, and later refusing to make even small financial contributions to SENSORICA when the network was in financial crisis (see Steve's case in the OVN and expenses discussion)