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This page shows how value flows from SENSORICA affiliates into different processes. 
If you want to see how value flows into the network from other sources see Revenues

Use this page to make rational decisions about your involvement in the SENSORICA OVN. This is part of the Feedback System.  

NOTE: Individual contributions to infrastructure development and maintenance are treated as dept towards the community and will be paid back from commercial activities + 20% for covering the risk. This is your incentive to contribute to the development of SENSORICA OVN

Financial contributors to the SENSORICA community

SENSORICA affiliates can invest in our infrastructure (pay bills and essential support roles). Go HERE to contribute. 
CLARIFICATIONTactus is a company used by SENSORICA affiliates to get funding, to sell products, and to pay the bills. The contributions of Tactus in this graph are mostly about paying rent and other recurring bills for the SENSORICA lab in Montreal. We recently created ACES/CAKE Canada to act as a custodian for SENSORICA, which will take care of the physical infrastructure.  

Time contributions to the SENSORICA community 

These are not contributions to projects, but to build and maintain the infrastructure, or to develop the community. 



This section contains visuals (and will contain analysis tools) for resources (time, financial, material...). It is designed to tell us where resources come from, how they are used (in what project, in what type of activity), and how they are linked to creation of value.  

Financial resources

More to come...


More to come...


This section will contain visuals and analysis tools for social aspects of the value network. It is designed to tell us if our network is healthy, vibrant, creative, productive, ...

You can get involved in developing this section.

  • Extract and process data from Google Groups (used for communication between SENSORICA affiliates). Produce visuals. Use models to reveal problems and to suggest solutions.
  • Evaluate SENSORICA's social penetration through social media,  Produce visuals. Use models to reveal problems and to suggest solutions.
  • Google API, Google Scripts and Apps, JavaScript...