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About decisions and decision making processes

Important documents

All documents about decision making in THIS folder.
See also Decision making for an open enterprise - our first reflection on decision making

Individual decisions

An OVN is horizontal, which means that there is no authority to impose its will on members. All members need to make decisions about resource allocation, priorities, commitment, etc. Individual decisions concern only the individual, but can definitely have an impact on the dynamics of the entire network.  Some decisions are simple, others are more complex. At any moment an individual can ask for help/guidance from other members for a complex individual decision. The other member can help with analysis, can propose other alternatives, and even suggest what they would do in a similar case. 
Propose tools for individual decision making.  

Group decisions

Group decisions are larger in scope, they affect more than one member, and possibly the entire community. For example, a change in the mission of SENSORICA, or the modification of the value equation for a project are matters that need to be decided by all SENSORICA active members. 
Propose tools for individual decision making.  


Decision Quality a website with CC content about decision making.