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Name: Breathing Games - Hacking Health
Date: 23/08/2018

Location: Sensorica Lab
Organizers: Tibi and Fabio

Join a team of hackers to prototype an open source therapeutic instrument used by kids with cystic fibrosis. Breathing Games transforms breathing therapy into health games. During this event we will familiarize ourselves with the work previously done, and we will plan for a series of work sessions to improve the current prototype. Participants will share 800$ for a few work sessions, all the materials being paid.

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Event nameOrganizer(s)/Facilitator(s)DescriptionNeedsDateLinkDone
Breathing Game prototyping Tibi, Fabio Refine the Breathing game hardware prototype.  Participants with skills in 3D and electronics August 23, 2018 See Facebook post  
Meeting with innovation directors Tibi Sensorica is hosting a group of innovation directors  May 29, 2018 Coordination doc  
Canadian Science Policy Center conference Tibi Present panel on Open science Prepare presentations and talking points November 1, 2017 Open folder with documents  
World Forum for a Responsible Economy Tibi Tibi presents in Lille, France Feeback on the presentation October 16, 2017 Coordination Webpage  
World Social Forum Tibi, Bruce Organize an activity for SENSORICA ideas, coordinator, facilitator, etc. See link to main doc August 1, 2016 Open Main Coordination doc  
Saint Laurent street fair all of us 10 days, 1M people passing in front of our Montreal lab  June 9, 2016 open coordination doc  
Startup weekend HEC montreal Tibi See calendar for this date, there are infos in there. We need to act as mentors!! IoT, open innovation, p2p economy, 3D printing, ... February 10, 2016   
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