Open source hardware meets permaculture practices
SENSORICA, P3Permaculture (add your organization) organize the 
eCommunity Gardening week long event

During this event we will design, prototype and install open source hardware systems for remote environmental monitoring and automated irrigation, in compliance with urban organic food growing. We will also discuss and educate ourselves about different issues related to agriculture. You can create your own event within this space&time (subscribe below). Or you can simply attend and invite your friends! 

Pictures from the event


 April          24 

SENSORICA preparation day. Meetup
25 26 
 April/May 27  28  29  30 

Launch day
press release
 May  4

iPot and ECG tiny Prototyping

iPot doc

ECG Tiny doc

From 10am to late
5 6

Window Farms
P3Premaculture and SENSORICA
open doc

From 10am to late

Indoor vegetable farm

Ilian's project

from 6pm to midnight

Garden sensors and control systems installation
SENSORICA, P3Permaculture and CS-Fait

More info will come after our first gathering for planning.
Open coordination doc for those involved in SENSORICA's activities. 

Important information

Date: 3th to 9th May, 2015
Location: open in Google maps
Who can participate: anyone!
How to subscribe: fill the form below

Design workshop
Electronics Prototyping
3D design and 3D printing
Planting and installation

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Optical soil moisture sensor
Metal structures fabrication

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