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Event nameOrganizer(s)/Facilitator(s)DescriptionNeedsDateLinkDone
Event nameOrganizer(s)/Facilitator(s)DescriptionNeedsDateLinkDone
Open climate collabathon Tim, Tibi, Bruce Build Tech for Climate  November 15, 2019 open coordination page   
Breathing Game prototyping Tibi, Fabio Refine the Breathing game hardware prototype.  Participants with skills in 3D and electronics August 23, 2018 See Facebook post  
Meeting with innovation directors Tibi Sensorica is hosting a group of innovation directors  May 29, 2018 Coordination doc  
Canadian Science Policy Center conference Tibi Present panel on Open science Prepare presentations and talking points November 1, 2017 Open folder with documents  
World Forum for a Responsible Economy Tibi Tibi presents in Lille, France Feeback on the presentation October 16, 2017 Coordination Webpage  
World Social Forum Tibi, Bruce Organize an activity for SENSORICA ideas, coordinator, facilitator, etc. See link to main doc August 1, 2016 Open Main Coordination doc  
Saint Laurent street fair all of us 10 days, 1M people passing in front of our Montreal lab  June 9, 2016 open coordination doc  
Startup weekend HEC montreal Tibi See calendar for this date, there are infos in there. We need to act as mentors!! IoT, open innovation, p2p economy, 3D printing, ... February 10, 2016   
Startup Montreal 2015 Chris, Tibi SENSORICA as a new way of starting a venture people there!! January 29, 2016 Open coordination doc  
VertMTL - Marathon Creatif Chris, Bruce, Tibi  Event facilitated by Ville de Montreal coaches / mentors, logistics for hackathon, tech support for hackathon January 14, 2016 Open main doc  
Breathing Games Hackathon Fabio, Tibi, Jim, Thomas Advance the hardware prototype social media - get participants!!! November 27, 2015 Open main doc  
Coloque sur l'innovation ouverte et la collaboration Tibi, Fabio, Valentin In collaboration with POINT, MOSAIC, PARTICIP  October 29, 2015 Ouvrir la presentation  
Presentation of SENSORICA for Grandir sans Frontières Tibi This presentation is made at their office, for their volonteers  June 30, 2015   
Global Sharing Tibi Open lab for 13th and 14th June Logistics, presence in the lab, cleaning the lab before.  June 13, 2015 Open the coordination doc  
Community Gardening Tibi, Bruce Hackathon and workshop Logistics May 3, 2015 See Event page  
OuiShare Quebec Drink Tibi, Alex and Alice (OuiShare) Gathering and presentations logistics April 14, 2015 See on Facebook  
Agricultural Sensors Bruce, T!B! Hackathon to gauge interest in our Agricultural Sensors technology. help with the food and drink table, guide (accomodate people, show them the sensorica lab, etc), logistics during the day (get food and drinks, arrange the space, etc) February 13, 2015 open coordination document  
eCommuity Garden - design hackathon Tibi, Abran Design and prototype smart pots 3D design, sketching, mechanical prototyping December 18, 2014 open event doc  
SENSORICA Fridays! - peer production Tibi See event document logistics November 14, 2014 Event document  
Presentation 3D printing @ District3 Tibi, Daniel, Kaven Brief presentation of SENSORICA and overview of 3D printing.  content, participants November 5, 2014 Open coordination doc  
Garden Manager - ecoHACK hackathon Cesar, Tibi, John, Benoit Bring the Garden Manager to the hackathon to advance the project coordination, facilitation, design considerations October 18, 2014 Open coordination document  
Presentation and panel discussion UdeM Tibi Presensing about open science, OSHW, OVN, SENSORICA you can join me to present, you can attend, you can help with the presentation.  August 22, 2014 Open Google presentation   
Hope X Jonathan HOPE X will take place on July 18, 19, and 20, 2014 at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City. H.O.P.E. stands for Hackers On Planet Earth, one of the most creative and diverse hacker events in the world. It's been happening since 1994. Submit a talk! Consider setting up a workshop, vendor tables possible too. July 18, 2014 Open planning doc  
p2p Events Tibi and Jon learning, discussions, problem solving related to p2p structures, practices and processes, and the underlying culture coordinators, facilitators, event organizers, evangelists June 27, 2014 open coordination and logistics doc  
Minimaker fair Jonathan Deadline to register April 11. Link to register http://www.makerfairemontreal.ca/makers/?lang=en In the "Maker Suggestion List" i see some things that we do. They are looking for interactive exhibits that highlight the process of making things. Arpus (drones) Gree3n (3d printers) BricoBio (diy biology) Sensorica (? ) JAM (Food/Sustainability) Submit your idea on the online form on the website June 7, 2014 NO planning doc yet, open Website  
POINT - Atelier de cocréation et d’idéation sur l’innovation ouverte Tibi whole day workshop on open innovation - presentation of Sensorica need at least one person to give a talk to present Sensorica there !  May 14, 2014 Open doc  
OuiShare Fest Tibi  Conference in Paris organized by OuiShare. We present SENSORICA, OVN, OVNi and Open Alliance. We might also organize a workshop. Tibi and Yasir are going.  help for planning - see link for the main doc.  May 7, 2014 Open main planning doc.   
Salon d'innovation Quebec Francois, Tibi, ... Free to participate if with SENSORICA! Present SENSORICA, Open Alliance, OVN and OVNi, and our technology. Try to make some sales.  Need more people for organizing this event, please see link to themain doc  April 11, 2014 Open main planning doc  
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