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3D printing and how it changes business models

posted Dec 1, 2014, 10:38 PM by Sensorica Group   [ updated Dec 9, 2014, 8:01 PM ]

SENSORICA Fridays! event @ SENSORICA Montraal labs. 
See meetup event.

3D printing has been called the third industrial revolution. OK, so we agree that it's pretty important. But what does it really mean?

Do you have a business that involves production of material goods? New business models are emerging that integrate digital fabrication. Should you adopt 3D printing? If you do, how should you adapt your your business model around it? Since others around you do it, what would happen if you don't?

Perhaps you have a business idea that involves manufacturing and distribution of material goods. How are you going to launch it? SENSORICA offers a collaborative platform that allows you to go to market fast. Within our diverse community you can find people with various skills, you can use the SENSORICA Montreal lab, as well as the equipment and the tools available. You'll find out how you can benefit from SENSORICA.

  • 5:pm to 6:30pm: gathering
  • 6:30pm: presentation
  • 7:15pm: creative network activity, brainstorming, and for those who are action oriented, why not starting a new venture?

SENSORICA affiliates also discussed about how to increase economic activity (propose new services and products) around 3D printing. You can join! SENSORICA is a network of open enterprises.

event - SENSORICA Fridays! - 3D printing