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Enrique, Joel, and Kevin

In February and March, 2003 Enrique, Joel and Kevin participated in different R&D activities within SENSORICA. 

Enrique got involved with the characterization of the Tape Sensor, which lead to a new prototype, the Beam Deflection Sensor, used to measure small bending of a (beam) structure (industrial applications, construction and robotics). This work required a lot of patience and meticulous manipulation of opto-mechanical assemblies. Towards the end of the internship, Enrique collaborated with Joel and Kevin on the Robot Finger project.

 Setup used by Enrique for the characterization
of the Tape Sensor

Setup built by Tibi and Enrique for calibration and characterization.

Green laser beam and optical fiber assembly

one 62.5 glass fiber in and three 1mm PMMA fibers out

Joel started working on a device to constrict polymer optical fiber, which is used in the constriction transducer, a device that can dramatically reduce the cost and improve the accuracy of sensing in robotics. He used a fast iterative process between 3D modeling and prototyping until a functional was built and successfully tested. The device was later used in the
Robot Finger project.

Device build by Joel for polymer fiber constriction

 1mm PMMA fiber constricted by Joel
using his constriction device

Kevin began his internship program by developing a fiber scoring device, which is another method for sensitizing polymer optical fiber, to be used in robotics like the constriction transducer. Kevin and Joel demonstrated creative thinking by applying constriction and scoring to a PMMA optical fiber to build a sensitive Robot Finger prototype.

 3D model of the fiber scoring device after
some minor improvements by Daniel

 The fiber scoring prototype 3D printed

The three videos below show advancement of three SENSORICA projects, made possible by our interns.

Demonstration of the Robot Finger using a scored PMMA fiber

Demonstration of the Beam Bending Sensor based on Enrique's work

Proof-of-concept of the Smart Hockey Stick. This bend sensing 
technology was influenced by the Beam Bending Sensor, which
was made possible with Enrique's participation