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FabMobile Path to market

Executive Summary

Build and operate a mobile digital fabrication lab. 

At this moment, we are prototyping two types of events: outdoor digital fabrication and digital fabrication in schools

Highlights and key figures

Time contributions for this project in SENSORICA's NRP-VAS

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Costs, funding and value accounting system for outdoor digital fabrication
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Costs, funding and value accounting system for digital fabrication in schools

FabMobile digital fab in schools - VAS

Past events summary
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Market development
Initial thoughts: get out there and be seen. We'll adapt our approached based on experience. 

The Project

Build a mobile digital fabrication lab


People started to talk about this around. Serge (3D printing project) also proposed this concept. Tibi and Daniel thought about establishing a presence to different events over the summer in Montreal, including tam tam Mont-Royal. Tibi created a project in SENSORICA on June 02, 2014.

Presentation of the service and example applications

Immediate application

Presence at special events and recurrent events like the tam tam du Mont-Royal.

The services provided by SENSORICA through its affiliates

Affiliates actively contributing to this project

Active affiliates

Member name Description of role(s)
Tibi concept design, business model, logistics, organization and facilitation, outreach
 Daniel maker
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Close collaborators

non for now... 

SWOT analysis


Timetable of activities and SMART objectives

Advantages of the service

There are no mobile digital fabrication labs in Montreal, but the interest around digital fabrication is growing. 3D printing attracts a lot of public attention. Being mobile, we go where people are. 



Market Study


Industry Analysis


Key success factors


Factors affecting demand


Trends and market developments


Market analysis

First market segment

Who are the clients?

Preliminary thoughts based on informal observations. 
Everyone is interested by the magic of digital fabrication. 
Young people are interested in experimenting with this technology. They 

Buying behavior


How many are they?


What is the value of the potential market?


Sales potential for this market


Details on first customers/testers

In the beginning we are targeting people at live events. We'll give information about our service and in time we'll refine our customer categorization. 

Other potential clients

Schools and universities, event organizers, community centers. 


Analysis of the competition

Characteristics of the direct competition

We don't know of another mobile digital fabrication lab in Montreal

  Competitor 1 Competitor 2 Competitor 3 Competitor 4
quality of services  

product line  




marketing tactics  

main strength 

main weakness   

Conclusion - Impact on SENSORICA


Outreach/marketing plan

Budget for sales and marketing