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Design, prototyping, and productization

posted Jan 18, 2012, 3:54 PM by Tiberius Brastaviceanu   [ updated Jan 28, 2012, 11:15 AM ]
Today, we (Tibi and Francois) met with Maroun Massabki (Business Development Director) and Mathieu Rideau (Technicien in Optics) from Optech Montreal. This is the second meeting we have with them, to arrange the design, prototyping and productization of the new Mosquito. 

Optech offers everything we need in terms of electronics and optical assemblies. They can also offer an environmental chamber for standard reliability tests. 

We discussed about our progress in building the new Mosquito, including work on electronics (photodiode amplifier and laser diode driver) and on the manufacturing of the joint-type force transducer. Maroun and Mathieu were also introduced to Philippe's project, as well as to our project with Sabah Hussein, part of the Mosquito project.    

We feel that there is great synergy between SENSORICA, as a network, and Optech. The next step is a small grant application that would cover the design and the prototyping of the electronic part, which would include a laser diode driver, signal detection, conditioning and acquisition, and perhaps drivers for motorized and piezo-based motion devices (all open hardware). We might also collaborate with them on optical assembly and characterization, including connectivity between different optical fiber components. Their labs are very well-equipped with state of the art tools for optical fiber processing.       

Crowdfunding came up in the discussion and generated a lot of interest. We presented our Optical Fiber Coating project, which is set to be crowdfunded (need help to push it further!). Apart from being interested directly in the Optical Fiber Coating process and device we are developing, Maroun and Mathieu also expressed their desire to explore/learn more about crowdfunding with us.  

Concept design - the new Mosquito by Daniel
Optech will help us make it a reality.