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Meeting with Kinova and Rheolution

posted Jun 21, 2011, 10:45 AM by Tiberius Brastaviceanu   [ updated Oct 3, 2011, 5:01 PM ]
Yesterday we (Francois and Tibi) had a meeting with Charles Deguire and Francois Boucher from Kinova and Cedric Schmitt and Anis Hadj Henni from Rheolution to talked about our sensing technology, possible applications and collaboration. These companies are located at CTS (Montreal), an incubator for biotech companies. We are actually pressing to get a space/lab in there.

In the short-term, Kinova is looking for a force/strain sensor for their robotic arm. Our technology can be directly applied to this application. In the long-term, they are looking for a sensitive skin, which is a further stretch for us. I (Tibi) proposed them to play with our sensor within SENSORICA space. Some of their technology is not protected, and they seamed to be open to this kind of open collaboration, but they also seam to be a little overwhelmed by other projects at the moment.

My impression (Tibi) is that there is no immediate match between our technology and Rheolution's, but they seemed to be interested in maintaining an open dialog with us. Anis Hadj Henni manifested a keen interest in learning more about open innovation and open hardware business models.

In the picture, Tibi pointing to SENSORICA on the Who are we slide.