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TELUS Montreal Inc. of Tomorrow Award

posted Sep 26, 2012, 9:34 PM by Tiberius Brastaviceanu   [ updated Sep 20, 2017, 7:28 PM ]
On September 25th 2012 Francois presented Tactus Scientific and our tactile technology at the "TELUS Montreal Inc. of Tomorrow Award" organized by Fondation du Maire. Tactus was among 6 other semifinalists for the big prize, out of which 3 finalists were selected. Despite an outstanding presentation made by Francois, Tactus was not selected this time by the jury, one out of 3 being a representative from TELUS Mobility (a cell phone company), the sponsor of the event. LobbyFrienda smartphone applications developer, Diner en Blanc, a social event that goes viral once a year in big cities all over the world, and Novothermic were the winners. Smart business decision by TELUS...   

Tactus is officially a member of the Fondation du Maire network. We must recognize the fact that over 60% of resources that went into what is recognized as Tactus' achievements by some individuals outside the SENSORICA network were in fact contributed by SENSORICA members (see table below showing total accounted investment in the Mosquito project). This clearly demonstrates the economic advantage of a small organization being part of a value network such as SENSORICA. 

Other SENSORICA members were present at the event to receive encouragement and appreciation from Fondation du Maire officials and other members of the network. 

 Time contributionsMaterial contributions Financial contributionsTotal Contribution
Total investment for Mosquito Scientific Instrument 1832 hours $375.00 $5,833.00 $70,334
(assuming average of 35$/hour)
 Only Tactus   679 hours 0.00$2,357.04 $26,103.50
 All other SENSORICA members 1154 hours 375.00 $3,476.23 $44,231.02
See data and calculations, according to a simple model of our contribution accounting system. (members only)