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Value Reputation Roles

Our open, decentralized and self-organizing value network requires a sound contribution accounting system, a fair reputation system, and an accurate role assigning system
  • The contribution accounting system records and evaluates every member's input. Access to benefits is calculated in terms of member's contributions. This system outputs a map of contributions sources and the contributions flow distribution. See more on our Value System document.  
  • The reputation system incentivizes good behavior within our community and helps to focus attention on projects. It plays an important role in the creation and the flow of value within the network by filtering participants to adequate tasks.  It also informs the service system.  See more on our Reputation System document.     
  • The role system incites voluntary subordination; it plays an important role in self-organization. It also informs the service system.  See more on our Role System document.    
All these systems are necessary to induce tight self-organization within an open and decentralized value network like SENSORICA, and to render the network creative and productive. These systems are also designed for network-to-network interface.   
The Value, Reputation, and Role systems interact with each other.