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All open and decentralized organizations need reputation systems. It is important to have access to member's activities and to how every member is viewed by other members. This is a key ingredient for self-organization and for maintaining a creative and productive environment.

Your good actions will be recorded as well as your bad actions. Any member can log good and bad comments about any other member.

Your rating and comments are NOT anonymous. An unjustified bad comment on a member will be recognized as a bad action on your side, and can cost you bad comments.

Good practice
  1. Before you record something bad about a member consult with other members to see if your perception of things lines up with theirs. Doing so, you will be able to assess how your bad rating/comment about a member will be perceived by the community before you go public with it. 
  2. In any case, if you have strong evidence of misconduct you MUST report. 
  3. Remember to record good things about members!

PieTrust Alpha system


Our own experimental system

Use the form below to rate members. Ratings should be scheduled for once a month. You don't have to rate all members. 
Use the REPUTATION thread in our forum to add good and bad impressions about a SENSORICA member. 
Use the Comments feature available at the bottom of every member's profile to record your impressions (you need to be logged in!).

This is a simple model of reputation system implemented on Google's platform. It is largely experimental, always improving. In parallel, we are in tight collaboration with the PieTrust group to design a more robust solution. You can get involved in the design process of this tool.

This chart is only experimental...


This form is only experimental... help develop! 
Manual reputation input form. In the near future the Reputation system will automatically feed itself from the Project management tool. Some data will be entered manually by users on a regular bases.    

After you complete the form below you need to reload the page to see changes on the histogram above.