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This system describes the Role topology within the SENSORICA OVN. It automatically pulls data from the NRP-VAS where members record their activities, analyses this data and outputs a chart, displaying important functional nodes within the network. 

The role system is critical to incite voluntary subordination and to inform decision making.

The role system is emergent, meaning that agents are not appointed to roles. Agents chose roles according to their skills and interests.

Important roles for the network

Our experience proves that some roles are stable and arise often in projects.

  • Community animator
  • Community guide - receives new members, facilitates their integration
  • Connector
  • Communicator

Important roles for projects

See open project development methodology.

  • Coordination
  • Facilitation
  • Documentation

VAS1 Role system data

NOTE: we need to create an app for this... ask Tibi and Bob. The task is to extract all contributions from all projects and count the number of times some roles have been entered by affiliates, and display that here.

VAS0 Role system data

[Tibi - Feb 2014] This data comes from VAS 0 (on spreadsheets). We moved to the web-based VAS 1.

open role spreadsheet (members only)

Follow infrastructure development here