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Value Accounting

Latest demo of VAS - March 2014

The value accounting system (VAS ) enables SENSORICA participants to log their contributions, to evaluate them, and to redistribute revenue. In other words, the VAS constitutes a contribution-based reward mechanism, which redistributes all revenues according to everyone's contribution to projects. Data gathered here is also fed into the role systemSee more on the OVN wiki.  

Work on the value system is on github.

Members log contribution here (members only)

Financial contributions

A financial contribution is a contribution that requires a certain amount of money at the time it is made. For example, you need to purchase something that you cannot obtain by other means, you need to pay for a service that is not available in exchange of something else, or you decide to invest a given sum of money.

Material contributions

A material contribution is a contribution in materials like tools and instruments, a car, office supplies, etc. As opposed to financial contributions, material contributions don't require money at the moment when the contribution is made. These are material things that are already in the possession of the contributor before the contribution is made. Usually, these are used objects that are shared within the community. 

Accounting for equipment and space

Rate Work Activities

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