Legit registry

This page lists all official SENSORICA activities, initiatives and names of online community accounts. 

If you observe misuse of the SENSORICA brand or activities that are not endorsed by the SENSORICA community, please report it immediately. The use of SENSORICA's brand is regulated by these rules of governance. 

Overview of funding campaigns

 Crowdfunding initiatives

Active crowdfunding campaigns
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Active sponsorship campaigns
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Past crowdfunding campaigns

 Conventional funding initiatives

Funding initiatives under way
Past funding campaigns

Commercial activities


The official page of SENSORICA products that can be sold under the SENSORICA brand are available HERE


Active offers
Past offers

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Events and Presentations

For a list of events and presentations, see the Events page. (For rules concerning the use of the SENSORICA logo in presentations, follow this link:use of the SENSORICA brand in a presentation). 

Account names of online social networks & mailing lists used by SENSORICA affiliates

IMPORTANT note for affiliates: If you open a new account for SENSORICA, you need to sign the Virtual Infrastructure Account Agreement. See also Rules about the use of SENSORICA brand/Infrastructure

Google email accounts Google mailing lists

SENSORICA website - is a Google site with shared ownership

SENSORICA blog - is a Google Blogger, owned by Tibi (custodian)

The www.sensorica.co domaine name is owned by Tibi (custodian)

 Social media channels

NRP and contribution accounting



At this point, the official SENSORICA logo is the one that appears on the home page of this website. 

SENSORICA security system