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Individuals have 4 ways to operate within SENSORICA. 

Traditional organizations benefit from proximity with SENSORICA

SENSORICA is a space where open innovation and peer production intersects with the market know-how and resources of classical organizations. It is also an ideal platform for classical organizations to engage in the collaborative economy.

Our global economy is undergoing a profound transition. Commons-based peer production is gradually emerging, but it is formally incompatible with the post-industrial economy. Traditional organizations are struggling to keep up with the speed of innovation, which is now dominated by open networks. SENSORICA is an ideal space for traditional organizations to adapt in this rapidly changing economic landscape. See more on CAKE.

 Individual affiliate of SENSORICA find
  • Help: You can develop your projects in collaboration with other network affiliates. 
  • Fairness: All revenue generated in SENSORICA projects is distributed is proportion to everyone's contribution, for as long as the product generates revenue. See more on the CAS system
  • Dignity: You own the fruits of your work. 
  • Flexibility: You can work whenever you want and as much as you want, as log as you respect your own commitments. Your revenue will be proportional to the value you create. 
  • Empowerment: You are free to take initiative and to implement your own projects. You participate in SENSORICA's governance.
  • Ethics: SENSORICA is almost by definition ethical, it is open and transparent. 
 Small companies find
  • Help: You can get help in redesigning your venture the future economy. 
  • Platform: SENSORICA is a platform for open innovation, for collaboration and co-creation of value. This platform integrates crowdfunding and crowdsourcing, as well as resource management and contribution accounting. See more on infrastructure
  • Access to know-how: SENSORICA is a growing pool of know-how in sensing and its various applications, including IoT and blockchain. 
  • Access to new economic practices: see more on CAKE
  • R&D: 50% reduction of R&D costs by remixing open source technologies.
  • Risk: Reduce your risks for R&D by sharing it across the network. 
  • Resources: Get access to SENSORICA's lab, and prototyping equipment.  
  • Network: Forge strong relationships with other SENSORICA affiliates and partners

Next steps if you want to join as a SENSORICA affiliate 
See our organizational structureconsult the list of things we badly need and complete the Contact form. See also the New member Handbook.

Nothing stops you from proposing something new! Create a new project

Privileges and responsibilities for SENSORICA active affiliates
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 Gold affiliatePrivileges
  • Access to network governance

  • Contribute at least xxx amount of time into Building SENSORICA processes (Contributions to Building SENSORICA are recorded as dept in the NRP, to be paid out whenever the network has a surplus of income. But contributions to the community need to be done all the time)

 Silver affiliatePrivileges


 Bronze affiliatePrivileges



Funding for new affiliates

In addition to the equity you gain by contributing to SENSORICA projects (see description of the contribution accounting system or go to SENSORICA's contribution accounting system), you can also get external funding for your activities. 

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