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To thrive in our environment you must
  • have initiative, 
  • be autonomous,
  • accept constructive criticism,
  • be able to share, 
  • be able to compromise, 
  • be community oriented,
  • be a free-minded person.

You are more driven by revenue?

The projects below are in their final stages, almost ready for commercialization. This means that your pay day will come sooner. 
Click on them and look under the Skills and resources needed section to see how you can contribute. 

You like finance?

We need you to drive funding initiatives, including crowdfunding campaigns!  

You like technical challenges?

Visit the Projects page and find where you fit in. Hot projects are:
You can also bring your own projects to SENSORICA. See the Participate! page for more details.

Other immediate needs!

Contact us if you want to take on one of the following tasks!
Task description Skills recquiredProject associatedUrgencyComments
Web infrastructure JavaScript - Google apps and scripts SENSORICA Infrastructure  med We'll help you get acquainted with our present infrastructure, you can start with small tasks, after which you'll gain the confidence to drive infrastructure development.  
Storytelling communications, sound and video editing, social media  low We do have a nice story to tell. Behind our work there is a noble cause. We are pioneers of the new economy. But we do a very bad job telling people about all that. 
Repairs in the lab mechanical, electronics See list of items that need to be repaired high Log time here  
Funding - government grants, crowdfunding, investment understand how funding agencies work, understand how crowdfunding works, understand how classic and non-classic investment works, at ease with social and well networked, writing skills, proficient in English (French is a + and other languages), comfortable within a collaborative environment, have a basic understanding of "value networks" and how SENSORICA operates (we can help you with this) different projects need funding, including the infrastructure high Different crowdfunding projects are already under way. We are also actively looking for grants.  
Legal  understand legal aspects of open innovation, open collaboration, crowdfunding, understand "value networks" and how SENSORICA operates... This is general high This is really important for us at this moment, when we need to formalize some of our processes.  
Office Work proficient with Google tools (sites, mailing lists, email, picasa, docs, calendar, maps...), understand Gantt charts, being organized, Trello or other project management tools, at ease with social media, writing in English (French is a +), at ease within a collaborative environment, like to share, understand value networks and how SENSORICA operates See our working space high We can help you get accostomed with our way of doing things. You have the freedom to improve our processes.  
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Go to Projects and look under the Skills and resources needed section to see how you can contribute. 
Also explore our general needs below and contact us if you want to contribute. 
Don't hesitate to contact us if you think you can help us in other ways. 

Contact us if you want to contribute

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