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EXPERIMENTAL - ContributionLog

This is NOT the page where you should log your contribution. This page is experimental... for testing new infrastructure development. Go here

Please contribute if you can!
See Infrastructure page for other tasks.  

Time log

Script based

This script (associated with this website) get's the list of SENSORICA affiliates from Members spreadsheet (members only!) and fills the "Chose your name from the list" list. It gets projects and activities from Back Office spreadsheet and fills the Project and Activity lists. It then assists the user to select projects and activities into the lists...  Open Script (members only!),  contact Tibi for more info

Apps Script Gadget

Playing with buttons and events Link

Form based

This is what we have now

Materials log

Open Script (members only!)  contact Tibi for more info

Apps Script Gadget

NOTE: detail material contribution by category 
  • equipment (instruments, tools that are NOT sold, are used for R&D, in production - in accounting depreciates in time, affects tax)
  • tools (used for production, R&D etc.),
  • office supplies, 
  • parts (get incorporated into products that are sold, used in manufacturing),

Financial log

contact Tibi for more info