Value Networks

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There are two different innovation tracks in SENSORICA. One is in sensing and the other one is in open value networks (OVN), a new way to produce and to distribute value. This section focuses on the second one. 

We are taking an iterative approach to understand peer production of material goods, to design and implement an OVN model to sustain open innovation and peer production. The OVN model rests on its OVN infrastructure or OVNi. The NRP-CAS is a component of OVNi, used to plan, to record different types of contributions to economic processes (time, financial, material, etc.) . . . , and to compute benefits redistribution for all contributors based on their involvement. 

We are helping in the transition from the social web to the faber web, from the traditional economy to a contributive, participatory, collaborative or p2p economy

We are developing the IT infrastructure for OVNs, which includes communication, coordination, and collaboration tools, a reputation system, a role system, an incentive system, a feedback system, a service system, a resource management system, a project/tasks management system, and many other modules. All these components interact with each others and form an empowering environment for contributing member to express their passions, exchange and collaborate to create value. We are also developing new Governance and new Methodologies of work.  

We are not just dreaming about this. SENSORICA is sustaining a continuous growth in potential since its inception. It is the living proof of viability for the OVN model. 

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