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This page contains important information relevant to the development of SENSORICA OVN. 
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SENSORICA's resources



 Number of affiliates over time

chart is a snapshot on March 09, 2014 edit chart (members only) 

Investment and revenue
See Revenues and Dashboard pages. 

Physical Spaces

SENSORICA Montreal labonline, see also Verdun project.



SENSORICA milestones

Created by Tibi in 2013. Open in separate window

SENSORICA milestones

SENSORICA's current path

[we are moving way from ''strategy'' to what the network wants to do, its natural tendencies]

Contribute to the development of our value network

Critical reports

Tibi's monthly reports

Infrastructure development

IT Infrastructure

Legal infrastructure

From SENSORICA database
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Governance and decision making


Presentation to David on licensing - March 2014




Normative system

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