Help about projects

What is a project?

A PROJECT is a for-benefit open enterprise that relies on resources (tangible and intangible) provided by the OVN environment. A PROJECT is self governed but it is also subject to network-level governance.

There are different types of PROJECTS:

  • Product/Service-based - aims at commercializing a product|exchange value
  • Social - aims at addressing a social problem | social value
  • Infrastructure - aims at building new tools, new models | use value
  • Funding/Sourcing - aims at acquiring resources for a larger endeavor | use value

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Create a project

You need to be a network AFFILIATE (individual, organisation, community) in order to create PROJECTS. If not, join.

Brows PROJECTS first. If you find one that is similar to yours, join it rather than creating a new one. All PROJECTS are open to participation.

If you still want to create a new PROJECT open the help document. Need more help, announce your intention on the forum and ask for someone to assist you.

Kickstart a project

Kickstarting a PROJECT presupposes that you have already created it (see above).

Open the help document

More about projects

PROJECTS can be:

  • open and transparent,
  • open but non transparent,
  • semi-closed.

They are:

  • endogenous: emerge within the environment,
  • exogenous: brought from other environments,
  • or both.

All resources created in the OVN environment are shared among all PROJECTS.

PROJECTS that generate tangible benefits must contribute to the OVN's infrastructure (physical and virtual) maintenance and development.

A PROJECT is a context for a set of activities that produce resources and benefits. We can also see it as a locus of activity where AGENTS, animated by a shared goal, use resources in processes/events to produce other resources.


PROJECTS have objectives/goals/mission, have deliverables, have a set of incentives related to the benefits that result from the resources that are created, have governance.

PROJECTS have at least one CUSTODIAN and can have one or more EXCHANGE FIRMS.

See more on Project on the OVN wiki.