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Help academia with open science initiatives.

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Open Science

"The Open Science (OS) movement explores and prototypes new practices and methods of production, diffusion, and use of knowledge. It consists of a variety of initiatives (Open Access, Open Data, Open Labs) aiming at a more open, transparent and collaborative scientific process both inside and outside academic research (Citizen Scientists)."

See a snip of Sensorica's past involvement in open science.

Open innovation

In today's hyperinnovative world economic agents need a comprehensive innovation strategy, one that takes into consideration open innovation. Open science becomes part of an open innovation approach when the new knowledge is put into practice by socioeconomic agents. How much research and development are economic agents going to do alone and how much are you going to do in collaboration with others, including academia? The answer to this question has multiple dimensions.

We thrive on open innovation.

We provide tools and methodology to engage in open innovation. We also help business adapt to open innovation. We bridge corporate with academia and the crowd.

open networks

Your innovation strategy requires complex collaboration with other organizations or with the crowd? Your supply chain needs to be more efficient and agile? Your distribution requires direct engagement of early adapters and clients? Your operations rely on multiple external parties, you need to manage a complex network of stakeholders? If that is your case, you need to open and restructure your organization as a network.

We are an open network.

We provide tools and governance to operate as an open network.

Crowd Interface

Today you can engage millions of individuals on platforms designed for social production. Have you thought about what that could mean for your initiatives?

We are the crowd

We provide tools and methods to engage with the crowd.

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