Normalize the 4th Sector

Project category: 4th Sector

Community: Sensorica


Work with governmental institutions to recognize and legitimize the Fourth Sector.


People organize in open networks, using the Internet to communicate and coordinate actions on the ground. These networks are organic, dynamic, versatile. They don’t need a head office or a legal entity to represent them. They are not Coops, Nonprofits, or Inc-s, they are creatures of the Fourth Sector.

Open networks are new channels for latent social potential, but face insurmountable institutional barriers. These new types of organisations have real impact but their structure and governance are not recognized by our institutions, as if they didn’t exist.

Open Fourth Sector Rationale, document produced by Sensorica.


Communication and coordination

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Describe all layers of incentives


more on Governance page
PROJECTS are seen as COLLABORATIVE VENTURES, which are TRANSPARENT (anyone has access to the information that they produce) and OPEN (anyone can participate). They only produce PRODUCTS and services based on OPEN SOURCE knowledge or technology. PROJECTS have a CUSTODIAN that represents them legally and acts as a trust for their tangible assets. PROJECTS can have multiple EXCHANGE FIRMS, which are commercial entities that move products and services developed by PROJECTS on the MARKET. EXCHANGE FIRMS oblige themselves by contract with the CUSTODIAN to share PROFIT with all contributors to PROJECTS, from which they commercialize PRODUCTS.

Open Project governance document

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Organisational context

  • Network/Community: Sensorica
  • Custodian: CAKE
  • Exchange firm: non (non-commercial project)


  • Custodian Agreement [provide link]
  • Exchange firm Agreement [provide link]
  • Project Governance Template [provide link]