UV Robot

Project Category: Robotics

Community: Robomazing


Design a robot that uses UV rays to disinfect work and public environments.

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting our life in many aspects; at work, schools, restaurants, social events, etc.. Viruses and bacteria can stay active on surfaces for days. UV-C rays provide a contact-less and remote controlled sanitizing solution. The robot will be able to safely navigate indoors, inside rooms, halls, and corridors. It will provide an off-shelf, open source, and cost-effective solution.


This project is coordinated by Robomazing. It will be submitted to the Micron UV Robot contest.


Communication and coordination

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Status: Just starting


  • 3D modeling / design

  • Mechanical engineering

  • Biology


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We just created the space for this project. Next step is to kick-start the project (see help document).

  • Create project main doc - use template --> make copy and place in project folder

  • Create project governance - use template --> make copy and place in project folder

  • Start thinking about Outreach - use best practices doc --> create outreach coordination doc and place in project folder

Documentation repository

See also our information mining by following the Diigo tag UVrobot.


Participation is opened to everyone and your logged activity in the NRP will define your rank. The top 10 active participants will be selected to represent us in the Micron contest.

The prizes are:

  • 1st place : 10,000 USD

  • 2nd place : 5,000 USD

  • 3rd place : 2,500 USD

The monetary prizes will be distributed in proportion to contributions, based on logged activity in NRP

Special prizes:

  • Engineering Innovation Excellence (1 winner) : Micron 2200 Series 1TB M.2 NVMe Solid State Drives ($420 value).

  • Best in Automation and Control (1 winner) : Micron 2200 Series 1TB M.2 NVMe Solid State Drives ($420 value).

  • Best in Safety Features (1 winner) : Micron 2200 Series 1TB M.2 NVMe Solid State Drives ($420 value).

  • First 25 Qualified Contest Entries (25 winners) : A premium backpack.

The none monetary prizes will be donated to Sensorica.


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PROJECTS are seen as COLLABORATIVE VENTURES, which are TRANSPARENT (anyone has access to the information that they produce) and OPEN (anyone can participate). They only produce PRODUCTS and services based on OPEN SOURCE knowledge or technology. PROJECTS have a CUSTODIAN that represents them legally and acts as a trust for their tangible assets. PROJECTS can have multiple EXCHANGE FIRMS, which are commercial entities that move products and services developed by PROJECTS on the MARKET. EXCHANGE FIRMS oblige themselves by contract with the CUSTODIAN to share PROFIT with all contributors to PROJECTS, from which they commercialize PRODUCTS.

Open Project governance document

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Organisational context


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  • Project Governance Template [provide link]