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Project Category: Urban

Community: Sensorica

Nonprofit | Open | Collaborative

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Communication and coordination

Communication channels

Coordination tools


Status: early design and prototyping phase


  • Web App development
  • Hardware development, IoT
  • Ecosystem building
  • Project management


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Immediate needs

On partnership

  • Spoke to Veronique Tremblay from Verdun, arranging meeting with Billy Walsh for connection with commerce on Wellington.
  • Collab Machine: Pierre-Luc and Tibi organized a discussion with other members of Collab Machine on Wednesday 9am.
  • Skip Crowds: Tibi already met with Bojan to discuss potential collaboration. Good vibes… Scheduled to go back at it.
  • Got a word of willingness to support from the Federal Government
  • Exploring collaboration with reRetail - Agustin is the link.

Documentation repository


Your access to decision making processes depends on weather you are part of the core team i.e. if you are part of the group of individuals that provide 80% of total time contributions to the project.

If this project gets funded, your ability to take paid tasks for development will be proportional to your past contributions.

If this project gets funded, your ability to take paid tasks for maintenance will be proportional to your past contributions.

Contributions are records in the NRP-CAS. Contributions that are not logged in the NRP-CAS are appreciated but they are not taken into consideration for governance and revenues redistribution.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a high stake project that requires professional collaborative practices.


more on Governance page
PROJECTS are seen as COLLABORATIVE VENTURES, which are TRANSPARENT (anyone has access to the information that they produce) and OPEN (anyone can participate). They only produce PRODUCTS and services based on OPEN SOURCE knowledge or technology. PROJECTS have a CUSTODIAN that represents them legally and acts as a trust for their tangible assets. PROJECTS can have multiple EXCHANGE FIRMS, which are commercial entities that move products and services developed by PROJECTS on the MARKET. EXCHANGE FIRMS oblige themselves by contract with the CUSTODIAN to share PROFIT with all contributors to PROJECTS, from which they commercialize PRODUCTS.


1) It is understood that if this initiative gets support from public authorities, including the Municipal and the Provincial Government, and if this initiative gets funded, from any source and through any mechanism, we intend to formalize this initiative as a non-profit venture. This is already the intention stipulated in the "Business development" document. No future decision can be made to change this intention.

2) It is understood that the non-profit organization that will be created to carry out this initiative, if all the conditions in 1) are met, will be controlled by the core group of individuals who have contributed to this initiative until that point in time. See definition of core group and contribution below.

3) It is understood that all the technologies that are developed by any participant in the context of this initiative will be released with an open source license, as they are created. It is also understood that all documentation produced in the context of this initiative, are to be released with the Creative Commons license CC BY-SA 3.0.

4) This is a collaborative initiative with the noble mission of helping our society adapt to the COVID-19 global crisis. It is understood that if a participant makes an opportunistic move against this initiative or to undermine this initiative, he or she will be swiftly sanctioned with the exclusion from the group of participants, and with the cancellation of all the privileges that he or she has gained up until the time of the incident.

A Contribution is a record of activity in the NRP-CAS that is deemed valuable (increases the probability to augment the overall value of the initiative) by participants and is not the subject of any dispute within the group of participants. Contributions that are not logged in the NRP-CAS are appreciated but are not taken into consideration for attributing access to governance and to potential revenues.

The Core group, at a particular moment in time, is the group of individuals that are top contributors to the initiative, taken in decreasing order of their individual time contributions, together making up to 80% of total time contributions to the initiative, at the same moment in time.

NOTE: To join this project as a formal affiliate you must acknowledge and approve the MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING. Press the Join the project button below.

Organisational context

  • Network/Community: Sensorica
  • Custodian: CAKE
  • Exchange firm: Not defined


  • Custodian Agreement [provide link]
  • Exchange Firm Agreement [provide link]
  • Project Governance Template [provide link]

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