Ocean Builders

Associated with the Seasteading Institute

Part of the Seasteading Community

Is Exchange Firm for the SeaPod project and others.

People have always dreamed about living on the sea.

Now we have the technology to make this happen in ways that were not possible just a few years ago. In fact 72% of the surface of our world is covered in water which is uninhabited and easily within our technological and economic reach for colonization. This represents a massive economic and social opportunity.

The SeaPods design is inspired by our vision of what we think futuristic homes on the sea would look like.

The idea started with conversations with sea-loving enthusiasts, then spread to marine and aerospace engineers leading to hand drawn sketches and artists renderings and computer aided designs and simulations and full scale prototypes.

We believe that we are in the early pioneering days of a revolutionary new way of living and that entirely new industries will be born as civilization starts expanding into the sea.

Why spend hundreds of billions of dollars trying to colonize Mars some day many years or decades from now when it is economically and technologically viable to start colonizing the oceans in 2020.

The adventure starts here…