You can freely join this environment, work on different projects without going through a hiring process, gain equity and be remunerated, because this is a different kind of organisation.

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You might find this site complex and wired, because it reflects the structure of an open and collaborative organization.Don't panic, if you're lost it's normal. Welcome to the p2p world :)

Some direct benefits

  • Help to develop your projects, in collaboration with other network affiliates.

  • Fairness for sharing or redistribution of benefits, in proportion to everyone's contribution (more on the CAS).

  • Dignity, you own the fruits of your work as well as the environment.

  • Flexibility for work: whenever you want and as much as you want, as log as you respect your self-imposed commitments towards your collaborators.

  • Empowerment, take initiative in projects and to improve the environment.

  • Ethics, as a result of an open, transparent and participatory environment.

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See our organizational structure, consult the list of things we badly need and complete the Contact form. See also the New affiliate Handbook.

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