Sensorica is a network of individuals that share a set of interests and values. It is part of a larger ecosystem of open networks that share similar values. We strongly interact with some of these other networks, together we form an ecology.  

Follow the links below to teleport yourself in these other environments and start interacting.

Portals to networks we interface with

* From the most active relations to the least, those in bolt capture some funding flowing through Sensorica, whenever available. See also mention of this on Revenue and Funding.

Reasons to interface with Sensorica?

How to interface with Sensorica?

Join Discord and express your desire to build formal bridges with Sensorica. Someone will respond and collaborate with you.Formal bridges are IT infrastructure components that allow real time flows between Sensorica and your network. 

Examples: Share a calendar and mix events between organizations. Share a messaging system and allow people to mingle across network boundaries. Share resources by sharing the NRP-CAS

Shared / inter- / in-between spaces

Are virtual environment where affiliates of networks listed here collaborate on various initiatives.  -see doc


Turn this list into a better immediate ecosystem visualization and navigation tool.