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You might find this site complex and wired, because it reflects the structure of an open and collaborative organization.Don't panic, if you're lost it's normal. Welcome to the p2p world :)

Why join the environment?

You've heard of distributed ledger technologies (blockchain), of peer-to-peer (p2p), of these strange network-type organisations, of money without the bank (Bitcoin)?

Harness the crowd, its wisdom, creativity and material resources.

Think about how Wikipedia is produced, with very little money and lots of contributions from lots of people. Within this environment you can apply that same recipe to your projects. Adopt p2p economic models to reduce the financial barrier for a project to less than 5%. Partner with the crowd not with the bank.

Hire the crowd

Opt for crowdsourced development on demand and reduce your development costs to 50%.

Peer into to the future

This is an ideal space for communities to explore the collaborative economy and commons-based peer production.

Some direct benefits

  • Platform for open innovation, collaboration and co-creation, integrating crowdfunding and crowdsourcing, as well as resource management, contribution accounting and benefit redistribution.

  • Know-how and technical knowledge, a network of engineers, scientists and new economy mavericks

  • Resources for innovation and rapid prototyping.

  • Technical development at low cost.

  • Risk shared across the network.

  • Help in redesigning your community.

  • New economic models and practices, the OVN model.