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What's this?

Sensorica went online on February 11, 2011, only two years after the launch of the Bitcoin network, as an effort to understand how open networks can engage in material peer production.  

A stigmergic environment for synergistic open innovation, leveraging collective intelligence.

     Sensorica is an OVN, not a traditional organization, more on Q&A page.


We are committed to the design and deployment of intelligent sensors and sensemaking systems (IoT + AI + p2p infrastructures), which allow our communities to optimize interactions with our physical environment and realize our full human potential. mission doc


We are developing Roadmap V6, 2024.

This week's featured video

Tibi presents his vision of p2p art to REPAIRE, an artists' collective who aspire to operate as an open value network.

Hot ventures

All ventures are open and collaborative, anyone can join!


# Help write grant proposals and earn

This offer is great for individuals who have experience with grant proposal writing. 5 to 10% of the grant is shared among those who contributed to the effort for acquiring it. Join the Greens for Good project and Discord to start contributing.

# Help develop our local fabrication capacity and earn

This offer is great for individuals who have experience with fabrication processes, network resource stewarding, value propositions and outreach, relations building and collaborative entrepreneurial skills. grant proposal writing. See more here

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Seasteading Institute

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have contributed financially to develop the OVN

Tammy Lea Meyer

Maria Frangus

Eugenia Ilie


Ruxandra Creosteanu

Daniel Fuentes

Bogdan Ghiorghiu

Philippe Dupuis Hamel

Sandrine Milante

Maude Laplante

Cynthia St-Laurent

Gabrielle Immarigeon 


Grandir sans Frontieres

Jake Knoppers