Connect through Discord

We used to use a Google Group as a forum, not very used now.

It is important to note that no other hidden forum or group messaging tool exists for Sensorica. There is no secret core group or secret back channels of communication. That is against our ethos and everyone in this community must openly denounce any conspiracy, collusion of formation of a hub of influence with the network. We stand for economic freedom and equipotentiality.

Policy and governance

Sensoricans use multiple communications channels, closed forums, open forums and Discord. 


The Forums are hosted by Google Groups. See more on Google's privacy policy

Custodian: Tibi [open custodian agreement]

Privileges to the Sensorica open forum are granted based on the Open Forum Benefits Distribution Algorithm [add URL], based on your contributions to the network. 


Roles policy


For Discord and the Open Forums, anyone can join, read, post and invite others, therefore this messaging system is pretty open. If you are concerned about privacy do not expose your real name. Also note that the aliases (member ID) can also be displayed online. 

The Sensorica close forum is only used for coordinating on network critical issues, only accessible to network affiliates.