Kickstart projects

Do you have a project in mind and you want to take it into SENSORICA? First, you need to create the project and after you need to kickstart it.

Create project governance document

Funding, grant writing and proposal

Open grant writing methodology doc


Open wiki page



Organize a meeting

  1. Propose a meeting using our mailing list, thread Meeting.
  2. If your proposition gets traction set up a Doodle pool and invite guests to determine the date and time.
  3. Once a date is established put it on our calendar and invite guests to the event.
  4. Set up a meeting agenda on the meeting page, using the meeting agenda template.
  5. Send another general mail to announce the meeting, use TimeAndData to calculate time around the world. Include a link to the agenda, normally to the meeting page, before the meeting to let other affiliates contribute to it and to prepare themselves.

Webmeeting tools

Use the meeting page during the meeting for agenda sharing and to take notes.

After the meeting transfer the agenda+notes into a Google Doc and place it in the SENSORICA/DEVELOPMENT/Meetings folder.

We can use Skype (we have a group called SENSORICA {general meeting}).

Optional: Record the conference calls - use FreeConferenceCallHD

We can use Google Hangout for discussions, to broadcast live and to record the meeting. See how to broadcast and record Google Hangouts.

Physical space: if this is at SENSORICA labs in Montreal, in a meeting room, you might need to reserve (ask Tibi or Francois).

Normal community admin

New affiliates

How to subscribe a new affiliates doc

Todos list for the new affiliate (email this list to the new affiliate after subscription)

Answers to requests

Sometimes we get different requests from non-affiliated individuals. There is a document containing templates of polished answers for these requests.

Answering to public/general inquiry coming from our Contact us page

You can ALL (SENSORICA affiliates) receive notifications when someone contacts SENSORICA from the Contact Us form

Procedure: Open this spreadsheet (affiliates only) and go to Tools/Notification rules...


Make sure you leave a note in the Action Taken column if you take any action. Use this column for coordination.

Copy SENSORICA on your message in order to make your communication transparent.

Be open to constructive criticism from others for your communication style. This is how we get better at it and/or find our proper place within this community.

You can also constructively criticize this very approach (use SENSORICA mailing list) and propose other communications approaches (use the Suggestion page).

New contacts/partners

If you met someone who wants to become a partner, to collaborate on a given project, you can enter the info in this form.

A partner would be someone who is interested in collaboration but not to become an affiliate of SENSORICA.

Open the spreadsheet containing all contacts/partners (affiliates only)

NOTE: Respect the degree of affiliation! In you want to contact a partner is is always good to go through the person (SENSORICA affiliate) who has a direct/personal relationship with this partner. All this info is already contained in the form/spreadsheet.

Organize an event or a presentation

How to organize an event or a conference. This procedure is based on our experience. Open procedure document. Open governance for public communications. If you have a presentation, use this presentation template.

Organize a workparty

Also called sprints. Open document.


Open Best practice document for outreach

Video recordings

There is a how to for videos, and for Sensorica TV

Work on the infrastructure

Create a new project

Open the help doc (edit this doc document)

Add new activity cluster

There is a template for an activity cluster. When you create a new project page choose the Activity cluster page template from the template list.

To see the list of templates go to Manage site/Page templates. You can edit/modify templates from there.

You'll find additional on the Activity cluster template.

Website maintenance

Gadgets used in the site - open doc

See also SENSORICA Infrastructure

Backup important websites and folders

Backup websites use HTTrack, an open source program for Linux, Mac and Windows. Store it in your personal files.

Backup our docs: just the folder you want, by right-clicking on it

Resource use and management

Samples to process

How to process samples from customers and/or partners. Open document.

Shipping and receiving packages

Clearing Customs UPS / FedEX


Manufacturing process design: Open document (please help improve it!)

Share/borrow tools and instruments within SENSORICA

If you have a tool or an instrument you want to share with the community please include it into our spreadsheets. Ex. List of electronic tools. Please feel in all the information for every instrument and tool you want to share.

If you need some tool you can always see if there is something available before you buy it. Look for it in our lists, see who's the affiliate, where the tool is at this moment, if and when it will be available, and other conditions. Don't forget to update the "Current location of the instrument" and the "Next date available" fields associated with the tool in case you borrow it.

You can see the rules related to the use and sharing of materials here.

Log Contribution

Please read the definition of a contribution first.

Time-based contributions

See Tutorials for how to log into SENSORICA's NRP-VAS

See video tutorial.

Financial/Purchase contribution

You need to have a poof for the contribution (a bill).

  • If you have a paper bill, put your name on it, scan it and name the file bill - your_ name+small description, and place this file the SENSORICA/BILLS folder.
  • If the bill is virtual, make sure you have it in pdf, name the pdf file bill - your_ name+small description, and place this file the SENSORICA/BILLS folder.

Large contributions to a project or to the network

Open governance and procedure doc

Material contribution


NOTE: Take a picture, name it materials - your _name+short description and place it in SENSORICA/BILLS/Pictures for material contributions folder. Link to this picture in the form.


Go to Agreements and governance page.

Propose and implement new rules in SENSORICA

Virtual infrastructure

Creating online accounts (Facebook, Twitter of others)

Any SENSORICA affiliate can create accounts to online services for the network, like Facebook accounts, groups or pages. The affiliate who creates such resource becomes the custodian of the resource. It is necessary to sign a Virtual resource Custodian agreement (see template). In order to create such agreement open the editable version of the Custodian agreement template (you need to be a SENSORICA affiliate to access it), create a copy of it, complete it, sign it, send it to the entire community with an explanation why you created this online resource and how you think it should be used, and send a signed copy to SENSORICA's Custodian (to ACES/CAKE, or one of its administrators).

Insert Other