Holochain launcher

To run a happ (Holochain App) you need to install the Holochain launcher. Go here and make sure that you chose the proper release.

  1. On Linux Ubuntu you'll need to download the holochain-launcher_[ version]_amd64.AppImage file

  2. Set file permissions - right click on the file and chose Allow executing as a program.

To reinstall the latest version of the launcher go back to the GitHub repository and re-download the version you need.

NOTE: It takes a long time to install happs from the store interface.


A chat application on Holochain. Connect with other people around the world on a p2p messaging platform.

  1. Download the installer,

  2. Open the Holochain launcher installed on the corner computer.

  3. Click install new app. Select the .webhapp file. Choose Holochain v0.0.156

  4. Select a unique network seed to create a new network. If you leave it blank, you will likely connect to anyone else who is online with a blank seed

REA-Play Space

A space where we collaborate on building UI for hREA, towards the next generation NRP.

To play with REA-Space you can download the happ file from here and use the "Select happ from file system" feature in the Holochain Launcher to launch it from your computer.