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The current Internet sucks

The Internet has matured into two dominant models 1) the corporate-led Silicon-Valley one, sustained by profits made on user generated data, 2) the Chinese government-lead one, sustained by the need for socio-economic control. Both work against us rather than for us.

next generation internet (NGI) - EU initiatives

The European Union (EU) understands the potential of digital ledger technology (DLT) in the creation of the EU Digital Single Market. To that purpose, the EU has created the European Blockchain Partnership composed of all member states. This new body has already acted to create the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) to assist technical development of blockchain applications and services. In February 2018, the European Commission (EC) launched the European Blockchain Observatory and Forum for knowledge sharing, community engagement, project mapping, working groups, thematic reports and training. The EC is also funding up to EUR 340 projects like DECODE, LEDGER or TOKEN and many others. It has also instigated the creation of the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications [INATBA]: interoperability specifications, dialogue with regulators.

Some EC-funded projects

  • NGI-POINTER - New protocols, open software and hardware used to manage the Internet
  • SSIF-Lab - Self-sovereign identity
  • DAPSI - Data portability
  • NGI-TRUST - Privacy and trust - open source
  • NGI0-PET - Privacy and trust - open source
  • NGI0-Discovery - Discovery and identification technologies - open source
  • PRIViLEDGE - Cryptographic protocols enabling privacy, anonymity, and efficient decentralised consensus for DLTs
  • BLOCKCHERS - dissemination of DLT tech.

Current Internet Architecture

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Some notes:

The IP (internet protocol) is central to the Internet, allowing proliferation of applications on the user side and of networking technologies, on the provider side.