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Definition: a pattern language is a method of describing good design practices or patterns of useful organization within a field of expertise. [wikipedia]

Within our network, we can use patterns and pattern languages in design activities, as part of design methodologies (see Recipes). Pattern language can also be used to communicate design ideas between projects, which might be of different types. Moreover, it can be used to communicate the organisational structure of our network and other collaborative/p2p, networked-type organizations. Ultimately, Pattern language can be used to communicate about p2p economic practices to the general population.

If you are new to the topic, and you want to start by appreciating the usefulness of Pattern Language in the p2p domain read Helene Finidori's paper.

For an overview of where Pattern language is coming from and where it is going, read this paper.

Next, if you want more, you'll need to learn more about patterns, how to create them, how to create pattern languages and how to use them. I would do all that in the context of one of your projects, to marry theory and practice.

Learning about patterns and pattern language helps the collaborative / p2p entrepreneur better communicate his ideas about projects, designs, and his/her entrepreneurship practices.

Our literature on Patterns and Pattern Language

If you find interesting papers, please drop them into the same folder. Open folder here [only network affiliates can edit the folder, join if you want].