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Your contribution helps us take Sensorica to the next level. With your support, we can continue our experiment with new work environments that stimulate local economies. It also helps us perfect our Open Value Network model, and our in-house network resource planning and contribution accounting system.

The best way to help is to give a small monthly contribution, so we can plan our activities and build towards sustainability. If you prefer, a one time donation is always welcomed.

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IMPORTANT NOTE - ACES/CAKE guarantees that all the contributions made with the above button will not be used for other purposes, other than IT and physical infrastructure development and maintenance for Sensorica OVN as a whole as well as for the Sensorica Montreal Lab, or reward individuals who take important support roles.

Support roles

  • lab animator (keeps the spirit high and connects the network to other entities)

  • lab guide (accompanies new affiliates for their integration within the community)

  • lab administration (finance, paper work)

  • lab responsible (helps affiliates in the lab for their technical problems)

  • outreach (send signals about activities, needs wants, events through social media)

  • relations with academia, private sector and the open sector.

These roles are listed in the Sensorica Montreal lab expenses spreadsheet.