Open Climate Collabathon

Part of the Climate Chain Coalition community

Nov. 15th to Dec. 2nd, 2019

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Info about the Collabathon

Opening presentation

A global event and a first attempt to gather collective intelligence around a common climate accounting and action mechanism solution. An open source effort to leverage emerging digital technologies, (...) to develop the platform's core infrastructure and integrated platforms and apps, by (...) creating community or onboarding partners. Teams will work on their prompts in a decentralized sprint.

Sensorica's involvement

Open working doc

  1. We contribute with projects

    1. Open Innovation - design of an effective collabathon - or other forms of highly scalable, global collaboration event/process. Design elements for a platform that facilitates stigmergic coordination mechanisms among many individuals collaborating across a complex ecosystem of open innovation initiatives. Prompt hosts: Tibi and Tim

    2. Carbon sequestration - Biochar from pyrolysis in mitigating carbon in industrial, agricultural and other processes, along with supporting analyses with respect to the risks, scale of the potential carbon mitigation, barriers to commercialization, innovations to address the barriers, marketing campaigns or other communications that inform and motivate constructive developments in this direction. Prompt host: Bruce

  1. We act as a node - We provide a physical and virtual space where people can convene activities related to the Open Climate Collabathon, anytime.

  2. We are part of the organizing committee

    1. Developing and editing content for the collabathon website and wiki

    2. Providing operational support to the event/process

    3. Assisting in the capture of stories/documentation emerging from the event/processes for the purpose of subsequent analysis and media/communications.

General information to better manage a prompt

A prompt is a project proposed to the Open Climate Collabathon

Documentation: GitBook

The Collabathon GitBook acts as a general documentation and manual for all participants and partners. If you’ve been using a google doc to compile the prompt, you may still use it as long as you update the GitBook, which is what participants will see.

You can add yourself as a writer on GitBook, you will find the link to join and contribute in the ‘Welcome’ section on the side navigation. You can find general information about being a prompt host here.

Communication and coordination: Discord

The event has a specific Discord server to manage all communications (similar to Slack).

Sign up to Discord if you haven’t done so yet:

You will find that we created a specific channel for each one of the prompts. This is a channel for participants to contact you, ask questions and create a dynamic environment around each prompt. Find you channel on Discord and maybe give an intro of yourself for participants to eventually spot you.

Project management

CoMakery was used for the Collabathon in November 2019. You can propose other tools now.


Digital assets: Find outreach and communication material here.

Onboarding: See help for registering here.


open collection

Open Innovation prompt

Hosted by Tim and Tibi.

Participate at the Sensorica Montreal Lab and online

Collabathon evaluation

If you are an active participant in the Collabathon, please pay attention to the process and note ideas that you find interesting or problems, issues you've encountered in the process. Use this doc for that.

Carbon sequestration prompt

Hosted by Bruce.

Participate at the Sensorica Montreal Lab and online


Structure and governance


  • Representative: Tim is the main contact with the event organizers. As an alternative for help, contact Tibi.

  • Node host: Sensorica/CAKE | Tibi

  • Prompt hosts

      • Tibi and Tim for Open Innovation

      • Bruce for Carbon Sequestration


Organize events or presentations applies.