Collaborative entrepreneurship

do more with less

This page contains tools for collaborative entrepreneurs, help to create collaborative ventures. Other affiliates can assist you in your collaborative journey. See also Traditional Entrepreneurship.

New: course on collaborative entrepreneurship

We are working on the outline of a course on collaborative entrepreneurship.

Education Collaborative Entrepreneurship event

See coordination doc and follow the latest course structure in the presentation below.

Engage in discussions on our Facebook Group.


We are having discussions with partners around the world about the structure of the course.

First discussion - has 3 parts

At the Sensorica lab.

Second discussion

Tibi and Jaime

Second discussion

Tibi and Antonio

Older presentations related to collaborative entrepreneurship

Older papers related to collaborative entrepreneurship

For affiliates

NOTE: At this moment we discuss about the structure of the course and about the pedagogy. See video recordings in this YouTube list.

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