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This page contains tools for collaborative entrepreneurs, help to create collaborative ventures. Other affiliates can assist you in your collaborative journey. See also Traditional Entrepreneurship.

New program on Collaborative Entrepreneurship

Education Collaborative Entrepreneurship event

NOTE: material is under development... 

To become a trainer in Sensorica's Collaborative Entrepreneurship program you'll need to acquire your badge, provided by core contributors to this initiative. This requires a few sessions with some of the core contributors in order to evaluate your knowledge and experience in collaborative entrepreneurship. 

Current trainers: Tiberius,    

Video Presentation


Past discussions with partners about the structure of this program.

First discussion - has 3 parts
At the Sensorica lab.

Second discussion: Tibi and Jaime

Third discussion:Tibi and Antonio

Older presentations related to collaborative entrepreneurship

Older papers related to collaborative entrepreneurship

For affiliates

NOTE: At this moment we are writing the content of every session in the program. See discussions about the structure of the program and about the pedagogyin this YouTube list

YOU want to offer educational activities as an affiliate? Go to Education and consultancy services - coordination

Interested in providing educational activities for collaborative entrepreneurs? Open the coordination doc