Funding community service

Community Support

If you're launching a new project/venture, you may need to fund some activities. If you think you need help, there's a group of experienced individuals that you can contact. 

A group of agents specialized in outreach

Tibi, Mayssam, Sebastian, Tim.

Contact them on Discord messaging for help. 

Ongoing funding initiatives

Greens for Good

Want to become a service provider?

Anyone can become a member of the Funding Community Service group. 

Note that you'll be rewarded based on your work, offering this service, which goes according to your personal skills and to your ability to work collaboratively within the Sensorica environment. If you need to polish your skills please go to Discord and ask a more experienced affiliate to tutor you. Just ask the question, someone will respond.

To join the group make your intention known on Discord. You find individuals involved in funding activities by going to the most active ventures and searching on the Dashboard page. Or ask around... 

For service providers

Shared folder (tools that the group needs to operate)