Breathing Games


We collectively create accessible, enjoyable, freely adaptable respiratory health knowledge.


Last activity in this project - early 2020

Contributions in NRP-CAS

Deadline: mid Feb.

Goal: reproduce 5 prototypes model B to be used in a pilot study at St. Justine Children Hospital in Montreal (see doc describing tests).

Coordinate with Tibi, Colin (, Sze Man (St. Justine), Clemant.

R&D docs


  • Clement, coordinate to use the game on USB on the Android tablets.


  • Contamination - Possibility of using a filter inline before or after PEP.

  • Actual pressure range to measure is equivalent to 15 to 25cm of water.

The prototype will serve in real experiments with patients, which will go into a paper under development here, to be published in HardwareX or JOH (see paper draft).



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