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No one should ask permission to create value!


Follow the links below to engage in communication with this community.

Sensorica main mailing list and Sensorica Open Forum forum


We are using a Network Resource Planning and Contribution Accounting (NRP-CAS) tool for project management. Open the NRP-CAS

2020 Sensorica development strategy

If you are a Sensorica affiliate you can join efforts to enact the 2020 Network Strategy.

You can also propose improvements to the strategy, to better cover your individual interests, while preserving the collective interest.

[limited to affiliates]

If you are not a Sensorica affiliate you can join here.


If you are a sensorican you should have access to create projects and contribute to existing projects. Anyone has view access.



PROJECTS under this COMMUNITY follow the OPEN VALUE NETWORK model's governance.

PROJECTS are seen as COLLABORATIVE VENTURES, which are TRANSPARENT (anyone has access to the information that they produce) and OPEN (anyone can participate). They only produce PRODUCTS and services based on OPEN SOURCE knowledge or technology. PROJECTS have a CUSTODIAN that represents them legally and acts as a trust for their tangible assets. PROJECTS can have multiple EXCHANGE FIRMS, which are commercial entities that move products and services developed by PROJECTS on the MARKET.

EXCHANGE FIRMS oblige themselves by contract with the CUSTODIAN to share PROFIT with all contributors to PROJECTS, from which they commercialize PRODUCTS.


  • CUSTODIAN Agreement [provide link]

See the Governance page for network-level and project-level governance and governance templates documents.